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All of our platforms are developed with building commissioning firms in mind. From ongoing commissioning to new commissioning, we’ve created the tools and processes to save you time and money. With a background in building commissioning, our development team knows how to develop the tools you want and need.

Every one of our products is designed to make the commissioning process easier.



Performance Plus (PPlus) has been developed for optimizing and maintaining building systems through data archival, monitoring, and analysis. As an energy manager, utilizing the full potential of the data from your systems is essential to making appropriate decisions.

Collect data, analyze information, and determine actions to optimize and maintain the performance of a facility. Quickly realize when issues occur and notify the right people before the problem grows. Compare data and prove that energy saving measures made an impact.



Operating either one facility or a portfolio, facility management needs to have access to current systems performance, documentation and reporting at all times. B.E.S. Plus Platform organizes all real-time information into one sleek interface. Make all of your facilities data interactive and highly accessible in cloud through the B.E.S. Plus Platform.

Monitor the performance of multiple facilities with different building management systems in one centralized cloud based platform. Conveniently access organized documentation for every piece of equipment, track issues, and keep detailed maintenance logs.

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